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adorable <3


4: Red, white and blue

It was her first time playing with, or even seeing sparklers. She was hesitant when Wolfsbane had handed her the sparkler, holding it away from her as it popped. 

Once he reassured her that it wouldn’t burn her, she became quite fascinated with it, playing with them well into the evening. He had planned on joining her, but he was much more content to sit back and watch her have fun.

It wasn’t long before he found himself having to console her again, this time to convince her that the fireworks River was so insistent on setting off weren’t going to explode and kill them all.

It took a lot of coaxing to get her to come back outside once the first loud bang happened, but after a while, Cherry was outside enjoying the fireworks with Bane and River.


3: Adventure

They’d heard of this deep sea cave that was supposedly in this area from, of course, the t.v. And naturally Cherry was very excited to go look for it.

But when the time came to actually do it, Cherry found the sea a lot more intimidating than she’d imagined. She wasn’t normally afraid of water, she took baths at home with no problem, but this water was bigger. 

"Are ya coming?" Wolfsbane asked as he neared the water. Cherry shook her head, her hair falling in tendrils around her face as she did so. 

"No? I thought you wanted to—" She shook her head again. Wolfsbane frowned, he wasn’t the bravest soul but even he found the idea of an underwater cave exciting. He hadn’t been expecting her to be so scared. He began walking towards her. "We can go home if you want." 

"No! You go." She backed away, wrapping her arms around herself. Wolfsbane opened his mouth to protest but she sat on the sand, letting it fall through her fingers, refusing to look up at him. He sighed, and then swam out into the water, disappearing into the rocks.

She felt bad that she stayed behind, but she couldn’t get past the pounding in her chest. Cherry had never felt fear like this before. She wasn’t sure how to handle it.

She was a bundle of tears by the time Wolfsbane came back. He didn’t say anything, just took her hand, gently leading her to the water.

"N-no. Bane, no." She protested, but it fell on deaf ears. He didn’t take her far, just until it was to their chests. 

"See? It’s not that scary." He slowly released her hands and she stared at him, a worried look on her face. "Relax, I won’t let anything happen to you, I promise."

They didn’t stay in the water for long, regardless. It quickly became too much for Cherry, so they swam back to shore, laying out a towel to sit on while they dried. 

"Look! A shooting star. You gotta make a wish."

"A wish…? I wish we could stay like this forever."

"Yeah? Me too."


2: Picnic

She wanted a picnic. She’d seen it on t.v and had asked him over and over until he relented. He watched as she excitedly pulled the rug from her room outside into the backyard. 

It didn’t take him long to grill up some hotdogs and take his place next to her. Judging by the look on her face, she’d never so much as seen a hotdog.

"It’s a hotdog. Try one, it’s good." He explained, grabbing one and putting it on a plate in front of him.

She looked at Wolfsbane, and then back at the hotdog before leaning across him, reaching for his food.

"Hey!" He grabbed her wrist, chuckling. "I meant get your own silly. I made plenty for both of us."

She made a face, pulling back and looking away from him. Wolfsbane chuckled, taking her face in his hand. He ignored the look of shock on her face. 

"You’re so cute." 

Cherry didn’t have a chance to respond before he tugged her close to him, trailing his lips down her jaw.  

"B-bane…" She whispered. He wasn’t expecting her to press her mouth to his in an eager kiss, but he wasn’t about to push her away either. Wolfsbane held her gently, careful not to indulge either of them too much. She wasn’t good with keeping herself in check, very much willing to go as far as he wanted.

And as much as he wanted, he wasn’t so willing to go just that far just yet. 

Even when she responded to him so perfectly. He groaned, pulling away from her, ignoring her soft whimper of protest. 

"We should eat." He sighed, brushing a hand down her red cheek. 

She shook her head. “No.” She whispered, leaning towards him. “Again.” 


"Again." Her mouth was on his again, and the hotdogs were very soon forgotten.


1: Painting Together

Cherry had decided that she’d wanted to learn how to do something to help make money. Wolfsbane had insisted that she didn’t need to, but she was persistent, so together they decided to have her learn how to paint. It wouldn’t bring in a whole lot of money, but it was something, and it made her feel like she was helping.

The first lesson had gone well, but Cherry hadn’t quite grasped the concept of needing a paint brush to paint.

Bane wasn’t sure how he could have overlooked the fact that she might not have grasped painting too well to be left alone. That was apparent when he walked into the room and found paint everywhere except for the canvas. 

"Cherry," he chuckled, standing and walking over to her. "You’re getting it everywhere but where you’re supposed to."

She looked up at him, eyes wide. Tears immediately filled her eyes. ”I-I’m doing it wrong?”

He smiled softly, having gotten used to her sudden mood swings. “You’re not doing it wrong if that’s the way you want to do it.” He pulled her towards him, kissing her forehead when she drew in a shuddered breath. “Can I show you another way?”

She nodded, allowing him to lead her back in front of the canvas. A blush crept on her pale cheeks when he placed a hand on her flat belly, putting the paint brush back in her hand. 


She nodded, not trusting her voice to talk.

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I hope so too! You seem to need a good day *hugs*

I am, very much so. It seems like things are quickly spiraling downhill, and its not a very fun ride. It makes me wish for May to be here now so I can get away from everything.

*hugs* In better news, I’ve gotten enough motivation to open Cherry and Bane’s save, and I will (hopefully) have some Dream’s queued tonight.
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The only good thing to happen today is that I got off work 2 hours early. Hopefully the rest of the day goes better <3

You’re so full of BS it makes me sick.
I got this screenie before my computer shut off from overheating.

I got this screenie before my computer shut off from overheating.

I hate sleep paralysis…